Rufo Guerreschi

305 West 50th street, apt. 16N
New York, New York 10019
tel/fax 212 262 2728

Curriculum Vitae

Jun 1-June 30 1999
Space Track, Inc. New York, New York.
Position: Intern
  • Internet mapping software marketing. Integration of regional GIS transportation networks.
May 20-30 1999
National Aviation and Transportation Center. Brookhaven, NY.
Position: Intern
  • Training at 2M$ intermodal transportation simulation lab. Review of 3D computer technologies in transportation.

Jan-May 1999
Eisenman Architects. New York, New York.
Position: Part-time Intern


  • Route 18 Corridor Study. Middlesex County, New Jersey. In collaboration with Greg Lynn, professor at the School of Architecture at Columbia University.
  • New Brunswick 1,000,000 sq. ft. multi-use complex and intermodal center.
  • Analysis of multimodal transportation network and transit technology options.
  • Aerial photography, creation of networks and 3d parcel-level GIS database, photo-composition of possible transit alignments.
  • Simulation of multimodal accessibility based of transit levels of service, controls automation, remote schedule synchronization.
  • Analysis of land use implications of very high levels of service.

Jun 1997 - Aug 1998
Tecnoconsult International. Miami, FL
Position: President, CEO, Creative Director.


  • Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 6&7, 2nd version. Florida. (client: BEA)
  • "El Portal". Bank and commercial complex. Miami, FL. (client:  Bermello & Adjamil)
  • Jones’ Art Gallery. Private art exhibit. Miami, FL.
Duties and computer skills:
  • Marketing, accounting, purchasing. MS Word, MS Excel.
  • 3d Computer rendering and animations. 3D Max, Lightscape, Cad 14, Photoshop 4.0, Rhino, Softimage 6.7.
  • Video and audio editing. Adobe Premiere 4.2, Miro Capture.
  • 2d documents and detailing on CAD 13&14.
  • Hardware and Software upgrading.
Sep 1996 – Jun 1997
Bruno Elias Associates Miami, FL
Position: Assistant Project Manager


  • Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal 6,7 & 8. Florida.
  • Port of Miami Cruise Terminal 3-,4 & 5. Florida.
  • 8-story office building, Coral Gables, FL.
  • Coconut Grove Elementary School. Florida.
  • Intermodal facility  design, space planning, site design, transportation analysis,  vehicle and people flow studies.
  • 3d Computer rendering and animations.
  • 2d documents and detailing on CAD 13&14.
  • Hardware and Software upgrading.
  • Web-Page strategy and design.
Mar 1996 – Jul 1996 
Lane Pettigrew Kobe Karp Miami Beach, FL
Position: Cad Operator (2d and 3d). Architectural designer.


  • Seacoast Towers Condo, 300 units residential building. Miami, FL. (images I & II)
  • Harrison Hotel. Hollywood, FL.
  • Moe’s Cantina Restaurant, Miami Beach, FL.
  • Detailing, Plans, Sections and elevations on Autocad 12 Win/dos.
  • Computer renderings with 3d Studio v.4 and Photoshop 3.0.
  • Software and hardware upgrading.
Sep 1995 – Feb 1996 
Tecnoconsult S.R.L. Rome, ITALY
Position: Architectural designer.


  • Mixed-use commercial building in Formello, Rome, Italy.
  • "Parco di Roma" golf club house. Rome, Italy.
  • Architectural design, space planning, site design.
  • 3D Computer renderings and animation.

Aug 1998- Dec 1999                Rutgers University. 
                                                 Bloustein School of Urban Planning and Policy Development. New Jersey. USA.
  • Completed Master in City and Regional Planning (Transportation).

Jan 1999 – May 1999               Princeton University, Dept. of Civil Engineering. Princeton, NJ, USA.

  • Urban Transportation Planning graduate studies.
Aug 1992 – Aug 1995              University of Miami, School of Architecture. Miami, FL, USA.
  • Completed Bachelor of Architecture.
Aug 1990 – May 1992              Arizona State University ASU School of Architecture Phoenix, AZ.USA.
  • About 50 credits in a bachelor of architecture program.
Aug 1988 – Mar 1990               Universita’ Statale "La Sapienza". Facolta' di Architettura. Rome, ITALY.
    About 20 credits in a bachelor of architecture program.

  • Development of a prototype for a large-scale transit-based corridor growth strategy. 
  • Comparative and in-depth analysis of operating transit systems.
  • Real and presumed performances of various transit systems and networks, both currently implemented ones and those in development phase.
  • Innovative public and/or private financial methods for transit/land development.
  • Information technologies for transit planning and operations.
  • Logistics, dynamics and connectivity of transit networks and station developments.
  • Use of 3D modeling/animation, 3D GIS, Web-based virtual reality for transit environmental impact studies, spatial analysis, as well as for the marketing to public agencies, joint developers, general public and financial institutions.
  • Use of GIS software and activity-based surveys for the evaluation of accessibility of transit-based transportation/land-use growth scenarios.

  • VERY HIGH:  3D Studio Max/Viz (v.3.0). ArcView GIS 3.1:Network Analyst, 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst.
  • HIGH:  ArcView Avenue script programming. Autocad 14. MS Access. Premiere 4.2. FrontPage2000. Lightscape. Adobe Photoshop. 
  • MEDIUM:   ESRI ArcInfo 7.2 and 8.0(incl. AML scripting). .MS Word. MS PowerPoint. MS Excel. MS Outlook.
  • LOW:  

  • Ethics, Political theory, Telecommunications.
  • Golf, ski, soccer

  • Ranked 2nd in National Junior Golf Championship of Italy (under-16 years of age). 1986.